Lars Von Trier: Visionary or Nazi?

Von Trier: "Persona non grata?"

Or both?  As Roman Polanski easily proved, visionary film makers can certainly be evil.  Or at least devilishly provocative like Von Trier, who was physically kicked out of the Cannes Festival (though his new film, MELANCHOLIA, remains in competition) for “joking” about being a Nazi. Read More


Will “Source Code” prove Duncan Jones to be the real deal?

"Moon" man on the rise?
“Moon” man on the rise?

Opening this weekend, “Source Code” looks like a promising entry in the time-shifting, crime-solving sci-fi subgenre.   I really enjoyed Duncan Jones‘ first feature, “Moon” (2009), an entertaining riff on the “man alone in space develops space madness” theme, and by the looks of the trailer, we may have another future visionary on our hands.