Brett Ratner


Paul WS Anderson
Michael Bay
Farrelly Brothers
Rob Cohen
Larry Cohen
Roland Emmerich
Catherine Hardwicke
Joseph Kahn
Justin Lin
Tyler Perry
Wolfgang Petersen
Brett Ratner
John Singleton

Kevin Smith
Zach Snyder
Stephen Sommers

Brothers Strause

Gore Verbinski
James Wan
Simon West
Rob Zombie

What Makes a Hack a Hack?
Can hack filmmakers be defined using objective measurements?

Articles about Hack Filmmaking:

The Hack’s Tool Box – Running from Explosions
Few hack directors can resist the obligatory scene featuring a hero running away from an explosion.

The Hack’s Toolbox – Recycled Cliches
Hacks often recycle the same cliches over and over.

Hackery 101 – Pissing off the Fanboys
How do hack directors upset the fanboy community?

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