Can a Visionary Have a Tin Ear for Dialogue?

James Cameronby HakSnider
Titanic, one of the the most successful films of all-time, was re-released in 3D earlier this month. The respectable box office receipts thus far are a testament to the enduring appeal of director James Cameron‘s passion project. A technical marvel that pushed the limits of special effects technology of its day, the film also catapulted star Leonardo DiCaprio into super-stardom and established Cameron as a filmmaker who could continue to create big budget blockbusters, while operating with relative autonomy. However, Titanic, like Cameron’s most recent film Avatar, succeeded despite a relatively clunky and cliche-ridden screenplay. Which begs the question, can we really consider a writer/director with a tin ear for dialogue a visionary filmmaker?
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James Cameron’s Obsession with the Deep

James Cameron

At VOH, our focus is on the filmmaker and his or her talents as an artist, but it can be even more revealing when we glean a moment of truth in a filmmaker’s passion.  This morning, I paused and admired visionary filmmaker James Cameron and his obsessions anew.

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