The Lobby

Some of the greatest movies of our time were created by directors that fall short of meeting our definition of visionary.  From popular crowd pleasers like “Animal House” (John Landis), “Ghost Busters” (Ivan Reitman) and “Braveheart” (Mel Gibson) to top-notch thrillers like “Usual Suspects” (Bryan Singer) and “The Professional” (Luc Besson), these films have rightfully earned our admiration and these directors deserve credit for their contributions to the craft.

For these directors, we have created The Lobby, a list of film makers we consider to be capable and accomplished, but not quite on the verge of visionary.

You will notice missing from this list directors that ARE on the verge of visionary, names like Kim Jee-Woon, director of the phenomenal “The Good, the Bad the Weird”, Fernando Meirelles (“City of God”), Ridley Scott (“Blade Runner”) among others.   Yet also missing from The Lobby are those directors who have demonstrated signs of hack, but have not yet convinced us all.  The founders of Visionary or Hack are still debating these and and many other directors, and we welcome all to join in the discussion.  One caveat:  our say is final (unless we change our minds)!

The Lobby

JJ Abrams
Ben Affleck
Paul Thomas Anderson
Dario Argento
Hal Ashby
Richard Attenborough
Clive Barker
Warren Beatty
Luc Besson
John Boorman
Kenneth Branaugh
Tim Burton
Martin Campbell
Sofia Coppola
Anton Corbijn
John Dahl
Julie Dash
Carl Franklin
William Friedkin
Stephen Gaghan
Mel Gibson
Tony Gilroy
Michel Gondry
Walter Hill
Tobe Hooper
Ron Howard
Rian Johnson
Neil Jordan
Lawrence Kasdan
Neil LaBute
John Landis
Mike Leigh
Kasi Lemmons
Richard Linklater
Baz Luhrmann
James Mangold
Adrian Lyne
George Miller
Vincenzo Natali
Mike Newell
Andrew Niccol
Mike Nichols
Alan Pakula
Arthur Penn
Sean Penn
Todd Philips
Sydney Pollack
Alex Proyas
Robert Redford
Ivan Reitman
Jason Reitman
Robert Rodriguez
Mark Romanek
George Romero
David Russell
Paul Schrader
Barbet Schroeder
Bryan Singer
Tarsem Singh
John Sturges
Gus Van Sant
Matthew Vaughn
Wayne Wang
Denzel Washington
Robert Wise
Robert Zemeckis

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