5 things I dug about Dear White People

Dear White People poster
Seems like it has been forever since the last smart, funny comedy about black/white relations dropped.  Maybe it has been forever.  In any case, Dear White People plays like an irreverent breath of fresh air, just in time to save us from yet another Tyler Perry mehfest (hey, even the characters in Dear White People take time to poke fun at Perry, so I’m not alone in this).

Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune calls the film “slyly provocative,” and that’s as good a description as any, although I’ll go with “sidesplittingly funny” as well, but you’ve got to be up on your modern race relations to get the most out of the in-jokes. Make sure to take a black friend with you for maximum enjoyment.  Better yet, take two.  If you need some talking points to get them to join you, tell them the film has wracked up a number of festival awards already:  the “Directors to Watch” award at the Palms Springs International Film Festival; the Audience Award at the San Francisco International FF; and a Special Jury Prize at Sundance.  Indy cred out the yang, which explains why the film is only showing on 348 screens.

Enjoy the trailer then my 5 things after the jump:

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