Alternate award picks

They wuz robbed:  this scene from Transformers: Dark of the Moon proves Michael Bay should have gotten a look from the Academy for the Best Director nom.  Or not.

In any case, at this point it should come as no surprise that we at VoH have some issues with the Oscar nods.  Here are the nominees for the main awards:

1. Best Picture:

Comment:   The fact that the Academy only picked 9 movies (instead of 10) seems to confirm the consensus that 2011 was a weak year for Hollywood.  Only 2 of these films were able to coax me into the theater, The Artist and Tree of Life, and neither of them deserve the award in my mind.  Otherwise, this is shaped up to be a battle of the old Names (Allen, Scorcese, Spielberg) versus the new (Michel Hazanavicius, Terrence Malik, Alexander Payne).  No way are they giving this to Tate Taylor for The Help.  But there’s more than a good chance that they’ll roll it to Payne.
2. Actor:

Comment:  Dujardin was fun to watch in The Artist, but so was Tom Cruise in MI4, so why wasn’t he nominated?  Yes, that was sarcasm.  Clooney picks up his second Oscar.
3. Actress:

Comment:  Only Dragon Tattoo earned my money, and Rooney did a decent job, but it wasn’t a head-turning performance in any way.  Streep wins in a rout.
4. Supporting Actor:

Comment:  Just give it to Max.  In fact, give him Best Actor too.
5. Supporting Actress:

Comment:  This category is notoriously for rewarding the weakest performers, so I’m fairly certain Melissa McCarthy will walk away with it, among many comments about how beautiful she looks for a “plus size” actress.  Or they might give it to Chastain to help vindicate all the misplaced interest in The Help.  But Bejo actually worked hard enough to deserve it.
6. Directing:

Comment:  Again, only two of these movies piqued my curiosity, but I’m still not convinced that they represent the best choices of 2011, certainly not from a directing standpoint.  While I understand Hugo is technically complex, I might argue that Michael Bay had a tougher task directing Transformers: Dark of the Moon than any of the five nominees.  But I won’t.  Instead, I’ll predict that the Hollywood squares decide to bestow the honor on Alexander Payne, so that George Clooney can get laid (some more).


  1. obelisk555 · February 4, 2012

    The 3D tracking shot of Rosie Huntington-Whitely is work reminiscent of Bay’s finest work as the director of the Divinyls’ music video for “I Touch Myself”.

  2. Late Night · February 4, 2012

    The funny part here is, I don’t think you’re being sarcastic!

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