Review: Joe Wright’s Hanna

Joe Wright: Visionary?

Director Joe Wright’s Hanna is a stylish suspense thriller, which re-invents the story of the rogue assassin. 

Wright is the talented filmmaker behind 2007’s Atonement, which was nominated for Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Supporting Actress Oscars (Saoirse Ronan, who also plays Hanna’s title character).  Hanna may include familiar plot points of the modern-day thriller, but its execution is anything but typical. 

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Review: Robert Redford’s The Conspirator

Robert Redford: Visionary

The Conspirator is an historical drama, which reveals a little known story about those connected with President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. This is the debut film for The American Film Company, which plans to highlight historical dramas drawn from American history. It seems only appropriate that Robert Redford would be the director behind the company’s debut.

China is now North Korea!

Dan Bradley: Hack

In today’s remake frenzy, studios are going to the bottom of the barrel for content.  One such remake is a new rendition of 1984’s Red Dawn.

The remake by first-time director Dan Bradley was completed and readied for release last year. But the real story is the behind-the-scenes’ efforts to submit to the politics of global economics and digitally alter the baddies for this remake.

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Who Handles a Superhero Best – Visionary or Hack?

Kenneth Branagh, the filmmaker behind this summer's adaption of "Thor"

Summer is here and that means it’s time for popcorn fare.  This summer brings more than a few attempts to launch, re-launch (or continue) adaptions of some of our favorite superheroes.

This is big business, but can any of this summer’s interpretations hold a candle to modern day superhero classics, like Richard Donner’s “Superman” or more recently, Christopher Nolan’s “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight?” Read More

A True Hero… A True Hack?

Justin Lin: Hack

He arrived on the film festival scene with an original and daring look at the Asian American experience. “Better Luck Tomorrow” created waves of excitement and anticipation for the potential that was Justin Lin.

And what of Justin Lin today?

I’m just hired to make the movie and I love the idea that we have, but there’s no connection at all.

Later this month, Justin Lin proudly presents “Fast Five” – the fourth sequel to the popular “The Fast and The Furious” franchise.  Try not to think about what could have been.

Battle: LA – Visionary Trailer ≠ Visionary Film

Jonathan Liebesman: Hack

It’s a sad day when millions of dollars are once again wasted on a high-concept sci-fi film, which falls far short of delivering the goods.  Hack Director Jonathan Liebesman is behind the latest alien invasion film, Battle: Los Angeles. 

Liebesman’s first feature, Darkness Falls (2003), wasn’t necessarily horrible, but certainly nothing memorable (let’s not even touch his attempt at a Texas Chainsaw prequel in 2006).  The biggest disappoint here is that Battle: Los Angeles (the film) was preceded by the fabulous Battle: Los Angeles (the trailer).

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Revenge with an Edge

Kim Ji-Woon: Visionary

The Koreans seem to be on a run of late with challenging, exciting fare and Kim Ji-Woon’s latest film is no exception. With the traditional story trappings of a revenge tale, “I Saw The Devil” nonetheless explores the concepts of identity with Ji-Woon’s unique style and explosive imagery. 

Here’s a recent interview with the visionary filmmaker and if you dare, check out the Red Band trailer for “I Saw The Devil.”

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